Welcome to Thailand

Tanned, stress-free, happy and excited. Why? We’re in Thailand! Actually have been since two weeks back. However, I have not had time to blog. So here comes a small summary of what we’ve been up to. 

We arrived to Bangkok International Airport on the 28th of February. Since then we’ve been at my grandparent’s house in Rayong, a province located on the East side of Thailand. The house was great, first of all. Wow! Right outside our porch was the pool area, and what an area. I sunbathed here every day (and managed to not get burned). 

We had such a good time at my grandparents. We ate out almost every day, we met their friends, went on a boat tour, met monkeys (oh that’s a story for another time) and just enjoyed ourselves. I’ve felt stress-free, almost, the whole time.

Currently we’re in Bangkok, we’re staying in a lovely apartment through Airbnb. Today we’re meeting a friend of Patricio and maybe tonight we’re going to a Latin dance club (yeah I’m excited). Stay tuned my friends!

Photos: Enjoy some adorable monkey-shots!

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