Up and runnin!

I am glad to announce that we have a shiny new webpage! Please look around and see if you like it. We would be happy to get som inputs och feedback over things we can improve. I want to make this webpage in English as well, but there is no easy way, however I will look into it!

So for now, this is where you’ll read my blog! Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Welcome to my new blog. Since this is our new webpage for Lopez Nobel, it feels better to keep the blog in the same place. Everthing’s going to be same for you guys, only the design will be nicer..

My goal with this blog is to share mine and Patricio’s travels. However, I will try to write more interesting blog posts so you can really get a feeling of how it is where we are. And ofcourse, you will be the first to know inside-info about Red Llama.

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