Happy new year!


2016 has been a really good year for me and Patricio. First of all we’ve been travelling a lot. First we went to Japan in february and we loved it so much. Then we came home to Sweden over the summer and fall and now we’ve been in New York and finally Ecuador.

Starting with Japan, what an amazing country. If you ever get the chance to go there, don’t even hesitate. It was by far the best country I’ve ever been to. Ecuador is my second favourite country in the world, it has it all. I love to visit a country that not only is different from Sweden when it comes to culture, but where the people are friendly and welcoming. In Ecuador we have already made many friends, one family we met during our Amazonas tour, we might celebrate New Year with them.

Another great thing with this year is that it’s gone very well for our business. We met our biggest client for the first time which has been great. And it’s gone very well for our magazine Red Llama. But we have also been able to do colabs with not only one, but with two companies abroad - one in New York (will show you later) and with the tour agency here in Quito, very exciting.

I have big hopes for 2017 ofcourse and I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful year as well.

Here are som photos from our Amazonas tour, I will upload more pictures and ofcourse write a full blog post about that amazing adventure.

Happy New Year!

Exciting collaboration

Hey guys!

Me and Patricio have got some very exciting news - we’re doing a colab with a travel agency here in Quito! After some e-mails and a meeting, we are now off to Amazonas for 4 days. We’re actually leaving tonight (even though the tour starts tomorrow morning). It will take us five hours by bus to reach the town of Lago Agrio where we have our meetup. Me and Patricio are so excited for this tour but we’re actually there to work, so that’s really fun!

I won’t have internet until friday and then you can bet I have a lot of photos (and even maybe some videos). Since it’s raining a lot in the rainforest we’ve prepared with rain ponchos. Until then - here are some photos from our Christmas in Papallacta - I really love the nature up in the mountains..

Christmas in Papallacta

Happy Christmas!!

I hope you all had a lovely and peaceful Christmas. I really love Christmas, it is definitely my favourite time of year but yesterday was a bit different than our normal celebrations. Since me and Patricio currently are in Ecuador we felt we had to do something fun for Christmas, so we decided to go to a place called Papallacta. It is a small town in the mountains, about 2 hours from Quito.

We took a cab around 12 yesterday and arrived around 14:00. The road to Papallacta was extremely beautiful. We drove through the mountains, in deep valleys and above the clouds. To be right in the clouds is so cool, you only see a few metres a head, and the rest is just a white fog. 

Along the road we passed warning signs with bears, it was a bit funny since we have those at home but with moose. Anyway, we never saw any bears, only mountain peaks and cows. When we finally arrived to the facility it was so nice to go out of the car and stretch the legs. We were taken to our hotel room and right outside the room there were beautiful thermal springs. It was one of the prettiest things I’ve seen. We just left our backpacks in the room and quickly changed into bathing suits and directly stepped into the steamy hot springs. The water was really warm, we had to go in slow. It was so nice and peaceful to sit in the warm water, watching the mountains and listening to the soothing sound of running water.

After half an hour or so, we changed into normal clothes and went for a little hike. There was a walk for 4,5 kilometres and we decided to go for a stroll. The nature up here in the mountains is stunning. Since Papallacta is located 3 473 metres above sea level, the clouds are constantly here, surrounding the mountain peaks. The clouds really make everything look so mysterious. 

During our walk we saw some beatiful trees, plants and flowers and we also crossed a small waterfall. Yesterday I got to be the “camera man”, so all the pictures (except the ones of me) is taken by me :-) Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did! (I have plenty more pictures but I’ll save them for another day. 

text continues after pictures -

After our lovely hike we returned to the hotel room. I quickly got changed into my bikini again and went straight out and in the warm water. Patricio chilled out a bit outside in a chair and took some pictures. Even though most of the hotel rooms were booked this day, it was only us in the water - so nice!

After just 20 or 30 minutes I went back into the room (you can actually not stay in the water too long since it’s so hot). I had a shower and fixed myself a bit. In the special Christmas package that we bought, a Christmas dinner was included at 18:30. Since the clock was only 17:30 we decided to have a drink in the bar. After a glass of red wine we stepped into the restaurant.

The three course dinner was alright but the service was awful! The second after we had finished our last sip from the soup, the waiter directly served us dinner. It was a shame since we wanted to really enjoy ourself and not rush it. But, apart from the stressy service, the dinner was ok. 

Guess what we did right after the dinner? Soaked in the warm water…

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