Feliz Año Nuevo!

What an amazing night..

Me and Patricio have had the best new year ever. We got invited by an Ecuadorian family to celebrate with them. This family we met on the Amazonas tour, such nice and friendly people. The whole family is very artistic, the father plays guitar in a band, the mother is an actress, the son also plays in a band and the daughter plays piano and is a very good dancer.

So, New Year in Ecuador is very different from Sweden. First of all, the Ecuadorians love their costumes. Walking down the street we met so many people, hundreds and hundreds of people dressed out as different characters. Apart from the costumes, the New Year celebrations is very different here since they make huge dolls. For example, in one of the photos you can see a big doll carrying a child, this is suppose to symbolize the earthquake Ecuador suffered from earlier this year. Other dolls symbolizes politicians that the people dislike or other things.

Another thing they do here is they make dolls (smaller ones) and they put them on fire. The dolls usually look like a politician and by burning the dolls the Ecuadorians celebrate that the old year (with all it’s flaws) is over, and that they can start the new year fresh.

At 12 a clock you are supposed to eat 12 grapes. For every grape you eat you get to make one wish for the new year. I only had four haha!

So, these are some of the traditions they have here. But let’s move on to the actual night. So, me and Patricio went to the family where we sat in the living area, talking, laughing and having a good time. Around 10 in the night we had a delicious dinner, I mean it was incredible!  It was some kind of white fish with a cover of parsley. For dessert me and Patricio brought Swedish chocolate balls - Yum!

After we’ve celebrated the new year we continued the feast with dance and singing. They tried to teach us how to dance salsa. They laughed hard when I tried to move like they do.. probably looked like a robot..

At 3 in the morning we were home again and we fell asleep directly. We really had an incredible night and we were so lucky we got to celebrate the new year with beautiful people and new friends.

I’m not a very good dancer..

Happy new year!


2016 has been a really good year for me and Patricio. First of all we’ve been travelling a lot. First we went to Japan in february and we loved it so much. Then we came home to Sweden over the summer and fall and now we’ve been in New York and finally Ecuador.

Starting with Japan, what an amazing country. If you ever get the chance to go there, don’t even hesitate. It was by far the best country I’ve ever been to. Ecuador is my second favourite country in the world, it has it all. I love to visit a country that not only is different from Sweden when it comes to culture, but where the people are friendly and welcoming. In Ecuador we have already made many friends, one family we met during our Amazonas tour, we might celebrate New Year with them.

Another great thing with this year is that it’s gone very well for our business. We met our biggest client for the first time which has been great. And it’s gone very well for our magazine Red Llama. But we have also been able to do colabs with not only one, but with two companies abroad - one in New York (will show you later) and with the tour agency here in Quito, very exciting.

I have big hopes for 2017 ofcourse and I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful year as well.

Here are som photos from our Amazonas tour, I will upload more pictures and ofcourse write a full blog post about that amazing adventure.

Happy New Year!

Exciting collaboration

Hey guys!

Me and Patricio have got some very exciting news - we’re doing a colab with a travel agency here in Quito! After some e-mails and a meeting, we are now off to Amazonas for 4 days. We’re actually leaving tonight (even though the tour starts tomorrow morning). It will take us five hours by bus to reach the town of Lago Agrio where we have our meetup. Me and Patricio are so excited for this tour but we’re actually there to work, so that’s really fun!

I won’t have internet until friday and then you can bet I have a lot of photos (and even maybe some videos). Since it’s raining a lot in the rainforest we’ve prepared with rain ponchos. Until then - here are some photos from our Christmas in Papallacta - I really love the nature up in the mountains..

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