Cuenca - a city with colonial charm

Hey everyone!

We have now been in a city called Cuenca for about 1,5 week and we’ve had a good time. However, last week I got very sick, it was horrible. Thankfully I’m good again. As always we’ve had a lot of work but we still had some time to explore. So, Cuenca is a colonial city in the south of Ecuador. The colonial era really shows in all the pretty buildings, churches and houses. It’s really nice just to walk around. 

We have visited some old inca ruins, had a lot of dinner and lunches at various restaurants, drank coffee, ate desserts and went clubbing this friday - a lot of fun! BUT, I’m beyond tired of reggeaton right now..

So, on thursday we’ll be heading back to Baños for another two weeks, that’s going to be real nice! After Baños we’re renting a super nice apartment in Quito - can’t wait to see it! After the 5th we will be in Malaysia. Oh, and the latest plans is that we’re probably going to Hongkong as well, how awesome?!

I love Baños

Hey guys!

Seriously - I haven’t had any time at all these past weeks. We’ve had so much work, we haven’t even had time to explore Baños properly. That’s why we extended our stay here with a few days. So, this weekend we have done a waterfall tour and RIVER RAFTING! I LOVE IT! Seriously, river rafting is so much fun and a tiny bit scary! I have photos but only on a CD, they’ll have to wait for a few months..

Anyways, Baños is so beautiful. The mountains are everywhere, they’re green and there are little waterfalls everywhere. But things has really changed around here. When I was here 12 years ago, there wasn’t really any tourists here. But there are lots and lots of gringos walking around. 

In Baños we’ve stayed at a hotel for more than two weeks, haha! It’s been really great. We’ve had access to a pool, jacuzzi and sauna. I’ve been tanning a lot and finally got some color! 

So, even though we’ve been here for over two weeks we didn’t really have time to see or do anything. Apart from the rafting we did try zipline and OMG, I loved it too! I felt like a bird, flying upside down, like superman and sitting like in a chair, so cool! And cheap!

Tomorrow we’re taking the bus to Cuenca, another city 5 hours south. But I just came up with the best idea - after Cuenca we might just come back to Baños and do it all again, then Quito, Otavalo and Quito. Then we’re off to Malaysia! 

About that - So, we booked tickets to Kuala Lumpur for the 5th of March. We’re gonna be KL the first 12 days (we’re staying in a luxurious suite hotel, it’s super CHEAP) then we’re planning on going out to the west coast for some sun and bath!

Then, obviously, we’re finishing off in JAPAN! So, great travel year for sure. However, I must say, I am a bit sad to be leaving Ecuador (even though it’s quite some time left). I really love Ecuador and everything about it - the culture, the dance, the food, the people, the nature, the prices, the animals.. If I was rich I would definitely buy a house here.. (maybe one day)



I have been so busy with work I haven’t got the time to upload any blog posts lately. However, I’ve got a few minutes right now. At the moment we are in a city called Baños, I was here 12 years ago and it feels good to be back. Baños is located right in the middle of big, green mountains where waterfalls run down through the valleys. It is so pretty. I will show you some photos later when I have time.

But for now, I wanted to show you guys some of the photos we took for a jewelry company in New York. We didn’t take the photos in NY, but the company is based there, it’s called Alchemy and it’s run by a lovely lady, Pam. You will be able to read more about Pam and her history in jewelry making in Brooklyn in our third number of Red Llama. However, for now I just wanted to show you a sneak peak of the photos we took, hope you like them! Ps. We have lots of more photos, but I gotta keep some of them for the magazine ;-)

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