Last day in paradise

Yep, you heard me! 

So I thought that we would leave Ecuador on sunday, but we’re leaving tomorrow night already *sigh*. I had so much planned for us these last days and now we won’t have time. It’s heartbreaking. But today we will try to make the best of it so we’re going to a handicrafts market here in Quito. We originally planned to visit Otavalo, a city two hours north from Quito. Here they have the next biggest handicrafts market in whole of South America, pretty impressive. But, since I’ve already been there once with my family, and since there’s frankly no time for it, we decided to compromise. We’re just going to buy some keyrings with llamas after all..

So today the weather is finally pretty good and a little bit warmer (thank god), so we’re heading out soon to have lunch somewhere and then we’re just strolling around. Tonight we decided to skip eating out and instead stay inside, making Swedish tacos and chocolate balls and then watch a movie.

Man, I don’t look forward to flying to Malaysia, it’s gonna take us around 2,5 days getting there. We’re first flying from Quito to San Francisco (first changing flight in Miami). In San Francisco we have to wait 13 hours for our flight to Hong Kong, there we’re changing flight to Singapore, then we will finally be on the last flight to Kuala Lumpur. Sounds pretty exhausting right?

Good news is that we got a lot of work this month which always feels really good! In other words, we’ll keep busy at the airports..

Here’s jut a few photos we took the other day. I am toooooooo excited about this backpack - I love it!

The drawback of traveling

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been traveling with my family, all over the world. The interest and passion of travels has always been there. Today when I go places, meet new people and take part of different cultures, I really get caught up in the feeling. It’s a bit difficult to explain. When I first came to Ecuador, 2004, together with my family, it was the first time in my life I visited South America. I remember it so well, I fell inlove. I can still recall that I thought that this is it - this is the place where I should be. Many years after that trip I’ve been back to South America and every time I’ve felt the same way. 

But even though I’ve been to Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina, nothing really feels the same way as when I came back to Ecuador. This country, this culture and this people, it’s just something about it. I fell inlove with Ecuador 12 years ago and I am still in a deep infatuation. The drawback of traveling to places where you truly feel your heart belong is saddening in many ways. I will leave Ecaudor in 7 days. And even though I know I’ll be back someday I will most likely never live here. It is sad because I will miss it so much and wonder what my life would be should I live here. If Ecuador was situated in Europe I would most likely already have an apartment there. But living in a different continent from your family and friends is just too hard. 

On sunday the 5th of March I’ll be going to Malaysia, a country I’ve never been before. This is exciting and fun, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad about leaving this beautiful, spectacular and intriguing place.

A state of tranquility

Ah, Baños… This city has it all - great mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and a state of tranquility. This is our fourth week here and we stay at the same hotel as last time, Casa Giralda. It’s a family owned hotel with small cabins, big swimming pools and a hot jacuzzi (+ a sauna). We just love to stay up here, the staff is incredible, they’re like our family now. 

Even though there’s not much to do around here that’s also kind of what I enjoy. There aren’t big shopping malls, a lot of restaurants or things to do. That also makes it a lot easier to just relax and to really live in the moment. On a normal day I would wake up at 9, have coffee in the restaurant and work until lunch. Then we would eat at the restaurant (today we had the most incredible lentil stew ever) or have some yoghurt and müsli. After lunch I usually change into bikini and lay in the sun for a couple of hours, reading a book or go swimming. Then in the afternoon I work some more. In the night we often take a hot bath in the jacuzzi or watch a movie and then we go to bed. 

In the weekends we would go dancing in the salsa clubs or have beers and guacamole at our favourite spot - Plantas y Blancos. These “small” things really is fantastic. For example, today we walked down to town (it’s about 1 km down) and on the way we found a tarantula, so freaky but also amazing that these creatures live here, in the wild. When we came down to the centre we had coffee at our favourite café - Honey. I had a cold chai latte, so delish!

Well, I just wanted to tell you again that I LOVE Baños and I could totally live like this forever, it’s life quality. Gotta excuse myself because we’re going down to the jacuzzi…

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