3 days to go


Okay, as you know I rarely write anything here unless we are far away, but I’m actually sitting in my office in Sweden typing this. The snow is melting outside, the grey weather is creeping up closer and I can’t wait to change this for palm trees, 30 degrees, sun and turquoise water. We leave on saturday, first Thailand.

My grandparents are renting a house in a place called Rayong. We are also going to have a moped - great for little trips! 

This trip is going to be slightly different then our usual ones. Why? Well, first off - we’re “only” on a short one, 2 months in total. Second, this time we have a lot of exciting collabs! This means, more fun for you guys! After two weeks of a well-deserved-vacation, we’re heading back to Bangkok. Then, believe it or not, we’re flying “business-class” to Seoul. Oh, and did I mention, it’s the Winter Olympics in South Korea by the time we’re there. That could lead us to some fun interviews. 

After some 10 days in Seoul we’re flying to our beloved baby Tokyo! Spending some weeks in Japan and then finishing the trip with more sun - Singapore (a brand new destinaion for us). But when I checked the map I realized it’s literally located next to Malaysia. And if you remebered we went to Kuala Lumpur last year.

Anyway, this is actually not the last destination after all, come to think of it we’re also visiting Indonesia, a small island close to Singapore. Aaah, can’t wait to sip on colorful drinks in the sunset…

So, hope you want to tag a long this time as well!

Greetings from Sweden

Hello, long time no see… 

Back in Sweden as it were and longing for new adventures. Since this is a travel blog I only write here regarding travels. So…Not gonna keep you on a string - we have new trips BOOKED

First trip is a short one (gotta do those too you know..) and goes west, to England! Me and Patricio are gonna visit my sister in Bournemouth in November. I have never been there so I’m quite excited. 

The other trips we’ve booked goes east - to ASIA (again, I know…) We were not exactly thrilled about neither Malaysia nor Vietnam, but since my grandparents visit Thailand every year we feel it’s about time we visit this loved place. So, we start in January with some sun, palmtrees, all that stuff. I’m actually very happy about finally going there and to visit the grandparents. 

After Thailand we’re flying (PREMIUM_CLASS) to Seoul. Yes, not very innovative but we really really loved Seoul. So, this time we’re staying a bit longer, about a month. We will be in Seoul but we thought about going to the border, that would be pretty interesting.. 

And the third place is gonna be….*you all know this one* - JAPAN! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah! We are not done with the land of the rising sun. Quite the opposite really. This time we’re also visiting the north, Hokkaido, and “Sweden Hills” (Google it!!). 

Apart from adventure planning we’re just working as usual. Patricio starts his photo job next week and I’m gonna be at home. But we don’t only work with regular jobs, we have also started on Red Llama #3!!! It’s gonna be very exciting for you guys! If you haven’t read the first numbers, here they are: Red Llama #1 (Chile) & Red Llama # (Asia)

Stressful times in Asia

Well hello there!

I am well aware that i’s been some time since I last posted here. Let me just give you a picture;

So, last time I blogged was the last day we were in Ecuador (the country of my dreams, my biggest love and paradise) and I had just finished packing. After that everything has been a bit of a haze to be honest. We set out late on friday to cath our flight 00:05 on saturday morning in Quito. After travelling, not only to a different country, but over time zones and continents, we were exhausted. And we lost our luggage on the way. And it returned to us (thank god, our beloved coffee and chocolate from Ecuador found it’s way back..).

Since we “talked” we’ve been in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) for three weeks, Hanoi for 10 days and now we’re on the island Phu Quoc in southern Vietnam. Just until a few days ago we’ve been buried in work, quite literally. We’ve been waking up at 08:00, worked until 14:00 (had quick lunch) and came back to work and went to bed at 00:00. And that’s how it’s been for the last 1,5 month. We have not done or seen anything in Malaysia, quite frankly we’ve been staying at a very nice hotel, working all day and that’s about it. Until NOW. The work flow isn’t as intense and we’re finally enjoying the weather, the sun, the pool, the beach.. 

This has really been an insane trip in Asia. But we are obviously happy to have so much work, it’s not cheap to travel you know.. And I’m beyond grateful to wake up every day next to my best friend and love, to be able to travel and have this crazy lifestyle and to have a lot of work. I wouldn’t want it in any other way.

So, let’s move forward;

In Vietnam we actually visited Halong Bay, it’s very famous but I will write a separate blog post about that. We’ve had some amazing food, met new friends and got a little bit tanned. Our plan for the weekend is to go on somekind of boat trip, there are some really nice little islands around here. 

So, hope you’re still interested in following me/us around the world because - brace yourself - We’re off to Japan in a week!!

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