Hola todos y bienvenido a Ecuador!

Hi guys, so we’ve finally arrived to Ecuador – the land of
my dreams. The trip here was fine, I slept pretty much the whole flight. It was
a nice contrast to wake up to chirping birds and t-shirt weather.

The first day we went to Quicentro, the biggest mall in
Ecuador (I think). We got some groceries and other stuff. In the evening we had
dinner at a nearby restaurant and then had an early sleep. Yeah we’re a bit
jetlagged alright.

Yesterday we woke up not so happy due to altitude sickness.
Yes we both knew this would affect us as it did last time we came here. Quito
is the world’s highest located capital at 2 850 metres. The symptoms we
suffer are:





Ache in the body

Short of breath

And Patricio even got a fever in the night.

Today he’s a lot better, I however feel a bit sick =( Hopefully
it will pass during the day because tonight we’re meeting some ecuadorian

We are quite excited today because we’re gonna call some
apartment agencies to go see some nice flats. Since we’re staying probably for
a year we’re renting a more permanent apartment instead of Airbnb.

Anywhooo.. Gotta go take a shower soon but I’m avoiding it
since there’s not hot water. Yes I might be spoiled but I don’t like to shower
in cold water ok!

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