Growing and developing

Aaaaand we’re back!

We actually just came back to Sweden after six weeks in Asia. This time we went to Thailand (Rayong & Bangkok), Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Indonesia (Batam Island). During these travels we’ve had time to work on our business a lot! 

We’ve been coorporating with different brands (see two examples above) and also doing very exciting articles for Red Llama #4 that will be released later this year (can’t belive it’s going to be our forth issue..).

I remember when we began talking about a starting a business, this was in Costa Rica, 2014. We sat by the breakfast table in San José, by the time we were renting a room at Soledad’s house (a kind but special woman). We dreamed about our own magazine and to be able to work as freelancers and keep travelling the world. By that time we were younger and earned about 600 USD per month (incredible..). Now it’s been more than four years since we quit our jobs in Sweden and set sail for Spain. Since then we’ve been to 13 countries together and lived in Barcelona, Tokyo, Chile and Ecuador for longer periods. 

Yesterday we booked our next trips - Budapest and Ukraine. We’re going for a short trip in May. This time it’s going to be a very different trip. We’re working with more brands and also we’re visiting Chernobyl in Ukraine, how exciting!!

Check out some of our latest photos and stay tuned for more!


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