Entering Machu Picchu

Hola todos!

We are in Peru! So we came to Ecuador in January but are currently
on a mini vacation in Peru. I’ve been wanting to come here for so many years,
mostly because Machu Picchu has been on my bucket list for a long time.
However, now I have crossed that off the list and I thought I’d share the story
with you.

We flew to Cusco, the old Inka city in southern Peru. It is
a beautiful city filled with old houses and churches. Everywhere there’s old
men and women with traditional clothing such as the very special ”Montera”,
which is a quechua word for traditional hat. The women also wear peasant
dresses with decorative embroideries and colorful capes. But that’s not the
best part, oh no. These ladies carry around baby alpackas and lambs. My god
it’s cute. I got to hold a lamb and a baby alpacka kissed my face with it’s
fluffy furry face <3

Anywayz, we stayed for a day in Cusco before heading out to
the mountains. The closest village to Machu Picchu is Aguas Calientes. However,
it’s not possible to take the bus all the way here. Becauase we were a bit
cheap we took a small bus from Cusco to a place called HydroElectrica. This bus
ride took us six hours and was horrible. We sat all the way in the back,
squeezed together. Then after a while a girl puked on the bus = you can imagine
the smell in that heat…

When we finally made it to HydroElectrica, exhausted and
tired, it was time for the trek. My migraine had already started to pound but
there was nothing to do but to start walking. We walked and walked and walked.
It was so hot and humid and my feet hurted. It was very beautiful though, not
gonna lie. After aprox. three hours or so we finally started to see the
mountain village of Aguas Calientes. Thank. God.

We ate then went straight to bed at 8 pm.

Next morning our private tour guide met us at the hotel and
we went together to the bus. The busride from Aguas Calientes up to Machu
Picchu was aprox. 20 minutes. It was a beautiful day and the views were
spectacular. It’s hard to describe the beauty of it all, but imagine this:
Jurassic Park.

We had a very interesting tour in Machu Picchu, took lots of
photos and looked in ave at the mountains surrounding us. Then it was time to

If you ever have the chance and will to see Machu Picchu – do
it. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life (maybe numero uno
together with the Pyramids and Chernobyl).

Hola todos y bienvenido a Ecuador!

Hi guys, so we’ve finally arrived to Ecuador – the land of
my dreams. The trip here was fine, I slept pretty much the whole flight. It was
a nice contrast to wake up to chirping birds and t-shirt weather.

The first day we went to Quicentro, the biggest mall in
Ecuador (I think). We got some groceries and other stuff. In the evening we had
dinner at a nearby restaurant and then had an early sleep. Yeah we’re a bit
jetlagged alright.

Yesterday we woke up not so happy due to altitude sickness.
Yes we both knew this would affect us as it did last time we came here. Quito
is the world’s highest located capital at 2 850 metres. The symptoms we
suffer are:





Ache in the body

Short of breath

And Patricio even got a fever in the night.

Today he’s a lot better, I however feel a bit sick =( Hopefully
it will pass during the day because tonight we’re meeting some ecuadorian

We are quite excited today because we’re gonna call some
apartment agencies to go see some nice flats. Since we’re staying probably for
a year we’re renting a more permanent apartment instead of Airbnb.

Anywhooo.. Gotta go take a shower soon but I’m avoiding it
since there’s not hot water. Yes I might be spoiled but I don’t like to shower
in cold water ok!

3 months left

Hello everyone!

It sure has been a while. During these months we have been workin’, sleepin’, eatin’, repeatin’. But we have also done some travelling. In April we celebrated our wedding anniversery in Oslo, Norway. In May we travelled to Budapest and Kiev (and Chernobyl) and in July the whole family went to Warszaw, what an incredible city!

Soon we’re off again, as always. But this time will probably be a little bit different. We are going to Ecuador in January on a one-way-ticket. This is not the first time we book single-way-journeys. However, the plan now is to “not come back”. Ha-ha I know it sounds very dramatic but what I mean is, we want to find our home. This sure has been a struggle for the last five years or so. We just don’t want to live in Sweden. At least not now. 

Do we know where we want to live? Not a clue. If Ecuador wasn’t on the other side of the globe we would for sure root there. But we’re thinking maybe Spain. Well, the idea is to be in Ecuador for one year or more. Just enough time to really think about what we want and where we want to settle.

So now it’s less than three months until we leave. Until then we have so much to do;

- Finish Red LLama #4
- Get new passports
- Sell/get rid of furnitures, clothes and stuff that we cannot bring or won’t need
- Complete retouching the photoshoot we did for Mila Silver
- Book tickets out of Ecuador (we need that in order to get in)
- Fix the living situation in Ecuador, gotta get that apartment!!!

.. And obviously have time for the family. In order to stay above the surface we’re treating ourselves to spa next weekend. Too excited! We’re going to Asia Spa in Varberg, hopefully it’s as nice at it looks.

So, nice catching up and all. Now back to work…

Ecuador I’m coming for you!





Photo from last collab with Mila Silver

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