Text & SEO

A useful tool

Text is a very useful tool when you want to sell or provide information about a certain product. We have a good sense of the Swedish and English language and we are working with both informative and more technical texts as well as commercial texts that requires a more creative and free language. Depending on what product you're selling, we can vary the tone of language based on what feeling you want to express.

Today, most of the bigger companies are using search engine optimization. Whenever your customers search on the web, the hits does not appear in a random order. The companies who are first in the order are the companies who uses search engine optimized texts. To make your webpage rank higher in Google, we can search engine optimize your webcontent.

To ensure the quality and language, all our texts are always proofread by at least two people. This is a service we do not charge anything for, it's included in our normal prices. Depending on the word amount you want to order, how fast you need your delivery and what type of texts you are interested in, the prices may vary. Please contact us so we can give you a quick price offer.

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