Red Llama - our travel magazine

Red Llama is a family owned travel magazine founded 2015 by us – Matilda and Patricio Lopez Nobel. After we got married in 2014 we have travelled the world. With a great passion for travelling and to experience new cultures and to see new places, we hope that Red Llama can give you as a reader the same inspiration as we get from our journeys. To feel the sand between your toes, the warm sunrays on your face and to taste foreign food – even though your in your favourite armchair reading our magazine. 

Our focus is global but in our magazine you will also get to meet interesting people here in Sweden. In the first edition of Red Llama you get to follow us to Chile and you also get to meet two Stockholm based chefs that shows us a new Christmas smorgardsbord.  The second number was released in 2017 and involves a trip to Mt. Fuji, five days in Seoul and a lot more.

We recently released Red Llama #3, a number we are very proud of. In this edition you get to meet many interesting people from Ecuador, Venezuela and Vietnam.

"Tamara said "Okay, now we will try to spot someof the pink dolphins". We sat very still in the canoe. After a short whileI saw something move under the water surface. "There is one, look!",said Tamara. The whole group fumbled with the cameras and we all staredwide-eyed on the surface. Suddenly, a short distance from the boat somethingturned up from the water. A dolphin, a pink beautiful dolphin. It looked arounda few moments before it dived under the surface again."

Follow Red Llama on new adventures and get inspiration to future travels.

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