About Lopez Nobel

Based in Sweden

Lopez Nobel is a company founded in the Swedish Westcoast by Matilda and Patricio Lopez Nobel. Ever since we were kids we have always had a big interest for text and pictures. As children we both red many books every week and wrote our own short stories. When we came toghether it was clear that we wanted to express our creativity in text and pictures. Some years ago we bought our first camera and ever since the passion for photography and texts has grown.


With many years of experience of both content writing and photography, we felt that it was time to found our own company. This we did in the fall of 2015. As self-employed we are able to reach more clients and also to be more flexible in the way we work. As a client you might already know exactly what you want. In that case we will work according to your requests. If you are not sure we would be happy to propose a solution that would work for you.


With a great passion for writing and taking photos, it came as a natural decision to start our own magazine – Red Llama. In this travel magazine we always use our own material such as texts and photos but also our own experiences from our travels. We put everything together to create an intriguing magazine for you to enjoy.

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